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Casa de Maniobras / Cielo Central Creativa  

More about Jaramar in YouTube:

Programa “Boleros y algo más”, Canal 11 de TV, (“Por Amar Una Donzella”).

EfektoTV, interview by Ángel Dehesa.

As guest of the FURGONANA Project, a road documentary by Antón and Ana of Spain in search of traditional Latinamerican lullabies.

More about FURGONANA.

Jaramar in Wikipedia:

Wikipedia español.

Wikipedia english.

Wikipedia náhuatl.

Friends of Jaramar:

Amnesty International.

François Baschet: Website of the great French artist, creator of sound fountains and musical sculptures.

McSweeney’s: Literary alternative magazine of brilliant American writer Dave Eggers.

Los Dorados: Website of the extraordinary Mexican jazz-rock-experimental-fussion band , colleagues, friends and occasional guest recording musicians of Jaramar’s.

Michel Amado: Photographer and cinematographer, author of most of Jaramar’s session and live photographs.

Control Freaks / Management in Royalty Collection: Patricia Carrera's office, specializing in working with artists to protect their copyrights and collect royalties resulting from their music in all areas of distribution and exposure.)